In the new globalized world, efforts to follow-up the developments in foreign countries are increasing day by day. Companies, businessmen, doctors, engineers and universities in many countries of the world arrive in the United States of America to witness such developments in place, to meet new people and develop their relations.

My Tour Partner LLC, with its headquarters in America, contributes to life by providing consultancy, research and organization services for such individuals and organizations arriving in America.

And now there is a brand new project realized with the signature of the My Tour Partner LLC : MyTourPartner Internet Platform

MyTourPartner offers the business model B2B to provide a dream-like technology infrastructure to such tourism professionals, organizing companies, businessperson associations, companies, universities and schools that want to sell or organize their own tours to the USA, on these days, people use the Internet for shopping more and more, so that everyone interested may get a share from the tourism industry.

MyTourPartner Platform;

  • Enables the partners to easily manage their advertisement, promotion and sales processes in 7 different languages using their own logos and prices thanks to the technology solutions such as Tour Robot, Language Robot and Brochure Robot. It reduces the workload of the partners.

  • Organizes the tours in the USA on behalf of the partners. In this way, it aims to increase the brand value of the partners ensuring that they make money.