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You are now able to use your own logos and contact information to sell tours to the USA and, make money. In addition, we welcome your groups in the USA with your own logos, on your behalf and, show them around.

"You get prestige for organizing tours to the USA"


Businessperson Associations, Chambers of Commerce

Isn’t it the time for you to bring your members to the United States of America, the world’s biggest economy, where one of 5 fairs in the world is organized? It is now very easy to organize tours to the USA. You can now use the tour robot to organize these tours at the best possible price. No more hassle to find an organizing company, a guide, and a hotel.

"The USA is now at your hands"




Do you always send your employees and dealers abroad to increase their motivation, give them vision and, enable them to have business talks? And it is now the time to consider the United States of America, the world’s biggest economy. You are now able to organize your own tours to the USA without needing for any intermediary in the most profitable and quality manner. 

"No need to rediscover America, just discover My Tour Partner"


Universities, Schools

Half of the world’s top 100 universities is in the USA. 1 out of every 5 patents obtained in the world is from the USA. Teachers, guides, academic members; isn’t it the time for you to enable your students to see on site these developments, show them around the world’s most prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT and, get vision? But how is that possible? Everything is easy now. All you have to do is using the tour robot to organize tours to the USA without any problem, at the best possible price.

"Take a great tour while making money "


You can now make money from the tourism industry without having to be a tourism agency

Think of it this way: the companies, businessperson associations, chambers of commerce and schools around you always take tours to the USA. And now, you are free to use the tour robot to easily organize these tours and, make money.  And you don't have to possess any knowledge at all! 

"Use your society connections to make profit "


Another way to make money: the “Reference Commission”

You can now actively organize a tour to get commission fees from the tour sales and, get your acquaintances involved in the system to earn the “reference commission”. 

"Earn an income of $5000 per month with the reference commission "


When you sign-up to the My Tour Partner Platform, free-of-charge, you can immediately sell and earn money through hundreds of ready-made package tours in many categories like Holiday Tours, Fair Tours, and Education Tours 


Tour Robot automatically makes the most productive tour planning for you with its Google integration. It automatically calculates the hotel, transfer and guide costs, which are all things you need for sending an offer to your customer become ready within a matter of minutes. 


When you prepare a quotation with the Tour Robot if you wish, you can add extra profit, make discounts, add additional costs like airplane tickets, visa fees, insurance and miscellaneous expenses, You can also define free customers for groups automatically.


You can automatically email your customers in 7 languages about preliminary invoice and information on hotel and the accompanying guide. 


The Tour Robot automatically prepares your letterhead paper, which that includes your logo and allows you to perform all sales phases on behalf of your company. 


For the package tour, the Brochure Robot automatically prepares the promotion brochure special for you, which includes your logo and company information. You only have to share these through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to reach new customers and increase your sales. 


Everybody with tourism activities around them can become a partner. Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Organization Companies, Businessmen Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Education Consultancy Companies, Schools and Non-Governmental Organizations. You can also become an individual partner and earn money. 


You can say "I'm already working in another job. I cannot engage in active sales.” You also have the chance of earning money. You can include the Partner Candidates around you within the system and with the “Reference Commission” and turn your environment into profit.


With the Language Robot, you can send your prepared quotations to your customers in 7 languages being English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Turkish. You can now sell to the entire world and earn money. 

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